FISA Court: A lack of transparency & over classification of documents within the FISA court, promotes economic and industrial espionage, blackmail, extortion, disclosure of U.S. citizen’s private information for personal or political gain, influence peddling, IP theft, identity fraud, voyeurism (obsession with having the power to watch someone, especially those considered unique or exceptional, without the money or influence to protect themselves), human trafficking, stalking, harassment, attempted kidnappings, and possibly even death, of those targeted with investigations by corrupt law enforcement officials or intelligence agents being paid to share valuable & confidential information in order to gain an advantage or simply crush or sometimes kill competitors, whistleblowers, activists, or political dissenters.

Federal Question of Law? Whether new legislation needs to be created to redress the consequences or criminal activities (such as espionage and intellectual property theft) associated with FISA court corruption and serious human rights abuse?

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