I also suspect that the individuals getting paid to be followers and like people’s post for a paid monthly subscription… if it’s true and not just propaganda…these same individuals are likely the same people participating in group stalking, harassment, and intimidation tactics, against business or political opponents…or just innocent individuals placed on the government’s watchlist/blacklist for political vendettas or retaliation. Just think about it…it’s literally thousands of people (an entire army of folks) who get paid to sit around and like posts or become followers, to make people appear more popular and successful than they really are. Who is the person or organization in charge of paying thousands of people to be followers? Follow the money trail.

I suspect the reason organizations like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Tagged, etc…are manipulating, altering, and deleting people’s likes and followers may likely be due to them attempting to have a monopoly over the market regarding who can be popular or be seen as successful, based on their likes or views. I think it’s quite possible at times, these organizations attempt to force you to purchase certain subscriptions to be viewed, despite their false advertising claiming you can have certain benefits for free. So, if you get tons of attention naturally, without having to buy likes or followers, then these organizations sometimes resort to deceptive tactics such as lowering and deleting your views, likes, and comments. Even if you pay for a subscription, if you’re on watchlist, blacklist or viewed as a competitor or a threat, then you will be denied honest services, censored, shadow banned, and have most of your likes, comments, and followers removed, despite paying for their services.The above tactics violate Sherman/Antitrust laws and are considered a breach of duty, public trust, invasion of privacy, and interference with civil rights, liberties, privileges, or immunities. Match Group I believe, has already been sued more than once by the FTC, for the same or similar offenses in the past.

(COLD CASE INFO) I suspect that Daniel Byrd who was killed in a fire in Cross Hill, SC in the 1950’s, is actually Daniel McNeil (my alleged mother’s father) or interconnected to Daniel McNeil (or vice versa) in an identity fraud scheme that’s a generational business. Both Daniel McNeil (my alleged mother’s father), and Daniel Byrd were murdered, and both their bodies were found unrecognizable. I suspect for the purpose of identity fraud to obtain any wills, insurance, land, or property left behind to the adults and the children. These individuals also use information obtained from various jobs and government positions to steal info to create fake identities by piecing together the names of multiple people into a whole name. I’ve seen it done with my own family’s information. It’s a well known major family/generational scam ring being done in Forsyth & Guilford county NC, along with other counties in the state. It’s a large and very profitable organization or criminal enterprise, that’s been going on for years due to the assistance of corrupt government officials. My relatives have many associates in positions of power.

Even when I leave my phone at home, I’m still being tracked and followed, which leads me to believe that it’s likely that a tracking device was placed on my vehicle when it was being serviced at either the Chevy place or one of my other service providers. I alerted the police of my concerns, here in Glynn County, but they just left me waiting for a hour and never showed up to check the car for any hidden devices. The cars tracking me are local, and others are from Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Philadelphia, and a few other states. I believe just the number of states involved is also a clear indication of how large the crime ring or syndicate is that’s involved; who are using the power of the government or arms of the states.

It’s more likely than not, most of the advocates asking for billions in reparations in California, is due to them knowing about the unlawful case study or experiment forced upon me, using illegal surveillance, monitoring, tracking, espionage, oppression, group boycotts, restraints, and deprival of my human rights, for all these years for profit. Like I said, the majority of organizations or companies involved in invading my privacy and harassing me, are all located in California. It’s likely, that it’s not really reparations, but bribery and hush money instead…for them not to tell. All the advocates asking for reparations in California, need to be wiretapped and investigated like they do in the big stings in Polk County, Georgia, when bringing down hundreds of human traffickers and other organized crime rings like the ones involving famous people and gangs with DA Fani Willis, in Fulton County, Georgia. DA Fani Willis used the lyrics in the songs to go after musicians involved in crimes, who were dumb enough to sing, write, or publish the crimes they participated in…just like the YouTube Content Creators or Tarot Readers are doing by posting all the stories connected to my private life being illegally recorded.

Betrayal of Public Trust: Includes betrayal of public interest, inexcusable negligence of duty, tyrannical abuse of power, breach of official duty by malfeasance or misfeasance, cronyism, favoritism, etc., to the prejudice of public interest and which tend to bring the office in to dispute.” A public trust violation is also demonstrated by misappropriation of client or customer funds or property, willful discrimination, or fraud resulting in substantial economic harm. Public service is a public trust, requiring you to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principles, above private gain. You shall not hold financial interests that conflict with the conscientious performance of duty. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs allowing my identity to be stolen and used to commit healthcare fraud, that ruined my credit during the middle of closing on a new home, without any investigation, is an abuse/breach of public trust, dereliction of duty, neglect of duty, misapplication & misappropriation of public resources, obstruction of justice, and violation of due process rights.

I find it interesting that Microsoft owns stakes in media giants such as Comcast and AT&T, who I feel also participated in the power of adversity program by invading my privacy, harassing and retailiating against me. And the “MS” in MSNBC, (who ignored my allegations of corruption and serious human rights abuses) stands for Microsoft. It’s no wonder why no one in the entire United States or other countries wanted to help me because some of the most powerful people in the world were invading my privacy and stealing my intellectual property….

The people who are aware of the crimes being committed against me, already know it’s not China’s fault or some silly spy balloon, that’s the reason I’ve been under illegal surveillance for over 5 years now. If China was responsible for invading my life, for all this time, then, a large group of YouTube Content Creators, Influencers, Public Speakers, and News Casters, wouldn’t have access to all my hacked information and life stories, that they’re using to advance their careers. Also, if China was responsible, then the FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies, would have initiated an investigation by now, instead of stonewalling and ignoring me all these years as I pleaded for help. The only reason none of the federal or private organizations would help me is likely because they sanctioned the illegal activities, and benefitted from me being exploited in some form or fashion…

Brilliant Idiots: For years, I didn’t think being one of the few people in my college to get abducted into the Phi Beta Kappa’s Honors Society was a big deal, but since then, the depraved actions of others, has changed my opinion. Not only is Phi Beta Kappa the oldest honor society in the United States for liberal arts and sciences, but also, among it’s members are leading scholars, justices of the Supreme Court, business leaders, and others. It was a reason I was targeted and placed under unlawful surveillance, where large groups of people monitored and studied me, while sharing my private information with large groups of people, including some of California’s, Hollywood, elite figures. These individuals illegally exploited me, and forced me into services against my will. They forcibly used me as their personal muse and mentor, as a result of having the power of the government to back them, and turn a blind eye to serious human rights abuses and crime. Influential people invaded my privacy for over 5 years for personal enrichment and monetary gain. They used my intellect, life stories, and parts of my persona, to help further their careers by generating content based on my original ideas, life experiences, and insights…all the criminals involved tried to illegally obtain success by living their lives through me. to be continued…

FBI whistleblower Steve Friend, stated that the FBI has involved into a law enforcement agency with intelligence capabilities, and that their investigations differ from other law enforcement agencies, because they’re circular, meaning they never end, vs the other organizations who normally have an official start date and a end date. Well, invading my privacy, for over 5 years, with Unlawful Surveillance, Hacking, Monitoring, Studying, Tracking, and Disclosing my private information, with groups of people, appears consistent with an intelligence agency’s operation, rather than a mere hacker. (Industrial, Corporate & Economic, Espionage)

If California’s Hollywood elite, are using the government to invade my privacy and steal my intellectual property, to generate content for profit, while censoring, blocking, restraining, and oppressing me; who else amongst those 278,000 American’s violated by unlawful FISA court warrants, are being used to create content for California’s elite’s benefit, to the detriment of the victims. I would say oppressing and exploiting the privacy of thousands or millions of Americans for political or monetary gain, is for sure a national security threat of great public concern.

In my personal opinion, Blacklisting and Cancel Culture are being used for the rich to get richer and for the poor to get poorer. Blacklisting & Cancel Culture are forms of economic repression, inequality, classism, racism, and socialism, which has a detrimental impact on people of color and other minority groups. Blacklisting and Cancel Culture are primary tools for hidden Jim Crow tactics, (Modern Day Slavery) Oppression, and Discrimination. I feel that Blacklisting & Cancel Culture are currently being used in conjunction with the Government’s Watchlist/Terrorists List, along with Influence Peddling Schemes, Espionage Operations, Theft of Intellectual Property, Unlawful FISA Court Searches, and Secret Societies or Organizations used by the elite to maintain a competitive edge, while illegally sabotaging their opponents, using the full force or power of the U.S. government, as discussed by President John F. Kennedy, before he was assassinated.

Sometimes Blacklisting & Cancel Culture is understandable for those who commit egregious crimes or acts within society. I didn’t say it was right or wrong, I just said it was understandable. Blacklisting and Cancel Culture is similar if not the same as being placed on the Government’s Watchlist/Terrorists List. When Blacklisting and Cancel Culture are used as tools against innocent people or competitors who you’re jealous or envious of, without reason, it becomes a weapon for discrimination, oppression, hate, (as seen with the Klu Klux klan & Hitler), and other crimes against humanity. California’s Hollywood consists mainly of entertainers and big tech companies who are all in bed with the States, in order to maintain their power by neutralizing, restraining, or crushing the competition, who often times has a superior product, service, or talent, in favor of those who have to lie, cheat, steal intellectual property, invade other people’s privacy, or harm others to win.

Sometimes California’s Hollywood, elite, will blacklist the person they’re stealing ideas from (intellectual property) or committing espionage against in a ritualistic fashion. Blacklisting innocent people is a from of human sacrifice for California’s elite. Because stripping a person of basic human rights using the arms of the state, censoring and banning them from all social media and dating sites, mainly located in California, while denying honest services and restricting access to opportunities for an individual, who has committed no crimes, is comparable to the treatment black people experienced during slavery. Just look at the Tulsa Race Wars on Black Wall Street. Blacklisting is just another term for Antitrust Violations and Illegal Group Boycotts, (also used by the Klu Klux Klan, before the civil rights movement) preventing a person from participating in commerce or being able to be seen or receive attention. This type of behavior is something you will see when someone is jealous or envious of another person, so they do everything in their power to block the individual who is considered competition or a threat. When a group of wealthy people are using parts of your persona and life stories to make a profit, they have to cancel, censor, blacklist, and hide you, so the public won’t realize they’re appropriating another person’s identity, ideas, or trade secrets. In other words, they have to demonize the victim that’s actually the one being taken advantage of and not the other way around. It’s a common trait of most narcissist, sociopaths, and those who feel entitled, or above the law, due to their class, wealth, or status, regardless of whether they actually earned their position or stole it from the blood, sweat, and tears of another.

What made my personal circumstances seem excruciating and unbearable at times, is the fact that I was dealing with retaliation from the government for exercising protected first amendment rights, in addition to trying to escape a domestic violence situation, while dealing with family betrayal. To make matters worse, I was also dealing with an identity crisis. After taking a DNA test, I realized that some of my relatives may be involved in some type of identity fraud scheme, and that one or both of my parents may not actually be my real parents…but could still be in the same bloodline. I don’t know for sure. Familial human trafficking is common these days, and the state of North Carolina, where I’m from, is riddled with all forms of human trafficking, from the sex trade, to forced labor, services, and unlawful human experimentation. Besides all this, I also had to take care of a disabled child while random strangers were harassing me daily and manufacturing false reports and disputes against me. They tried to ruin my reputation and credibility, so no one would believe me when it was time for truth to be revealed. It was egregious, how so many people were bribed to fight against just one person, who was innocent. The individuals involved were not only trying to break me, but were also trying to drive me crazy, cause me to have a heart attack, a nervous break down, or die from all the unnecessary stress. My plate was more than full. It was a lot to endure all at once, alone, without a steady support system. I moved from North Carolina trying to get away, but the individuals involved, basically, hunted me down, and followed me to a new state. It’s actually a pretty scary situation…to be the object of a large group of people’s obsession…Now all the YouTube Content Creators, with access to my private data, are all using parts of my persona and life stories, pretending to be me. It’s crazy… California, Mini Hollywood, Cloneville USA…the lengths people will go to to be successful, even if it means committing espionage and sacrificing a innocent person. Content Creation like politics is now a blood sport. To be continued…

During times of civil unrest or war, not only will human rights be trampled, but it’s also been documented that forced experiments are known to occur. I can personally attest to the amount of pain and suffering that can result from being oppressed, and having your privacy invaded by groups of strangers, while being stripped of basic rights like due process and equal application or enforcement of law. For me, it’s a form a rape. That might sound extreme to some, but if you think about it, it’s actually a good example of being forced to participate in services that are detrimental to your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Doing anything to a person that you wouldn’t want done to yourself, should be enough to stop some individuals from violating others but sadly, it is not. Corrupt government organizations and big corporations often stonewall, obstruct, conceal, and drag out legal proceedings for crimes they’re committing, for long periods of time, forcing the victim to continually endure sometimes extreme violations of their legal rights, dignity and self worth…to be continued

The people in positions of power inside the government, are willing to harm all of you, just to affect one person…just think about that for a moment…the pettiness that dwells inside all humans, is being unleased with the power of tax payer dollars and ability to create laws that match their petty behavior…the wrong people in positions of power will always sacrifice innocent people to take down a enemy who they’re probably jealous of….editing in process

In retaliation for reporting healthcare fraud at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, now I’m either banned, shadowbanned, censored, and harassed on all social media and dating sites without cause. I would upload a video here on WordPress, but after uploading a video of my false imprisonment, WordPress now charges a hundred dollars to upload videos. Was it a coincidence or yet another collusion out of many against me? Today, I realized that not only are dating sites blocking me from associating with anyone besides human traffickers and scammers, but they are also removing all my likes and views from my account just like Twitter and Facebook did.

Historically, men in power, during times of war, more often than not, will disregard the civil rights of others. Especially, by invading people’s privacy with hyper-surveillance and theft of vital services and resources. One can just look back at Nixon’s Watergate Scandal. The government’s overreach of power during those times were egregious, just as they are today. Yes… It’s a well known fact, that when evil men are fighting to hold on to power, innocent citizens will be abused, oppressed, and stripped of basic human rights & dignity, at the hands of tyrants in positions of power inside the government and big corporations.

You Have to Pay to Play in America: In order to have your enemy or rival crushed, humiliated, illegally monitored, hacked, private info leaked, stalked, harassed, censored, audited, denied honest services, banned on all social media and dating sites, reputation smeared, charged higher prices, stripped of due process, basic human rights, civil liberties, privileges & immunities, in plain site before the world…like President John F. Kennedy referenced before he was assassinated, you would have to join specific organizations or secret societies (security clearance) such as Klout, pay specific dues and swear an oath of silence, and then you can place the person you’re jealous of on the government’s watchlist/blacklist and ultimately have them persecuted and destroyed, whether they’re innocent or not. For the right price or benefit, in the United States, you can completely cancel out, erase, or blacklist any innocent person. You can even use illegal surveillance via espionage on the person you covet the most, to study and steal all their trade secrets or use parts of their persona, and take credit for all their original ideas by using FISA court power. What a hell of a country… completely devoid of integrity, morals, values or ethics unless you belong to a specific group or class. Justice depends on your status, bank account, association or influence. I am truly apart of, We the People, and not one of those just using it to act like they care when they really don’t. The news media and government officials just use the term for more attention, greater views, or publicity stunts.

Insider Secret: If you’re jealous of a rival, who’s more attractive and intelligent than you, and you want to permanently ruin their life, strip them of basic human rights, or crush any opportunities available to them, all you have to do is have one of your government friends place them on the government’s watchlist, and they will be harassed, censored, shadowbanned on all social sites, denied honest services, oppressed, illegally monitored, and all their private information leaked, possibly for life. Want revenge against your ex who cheated on you and broke your heart? Just have them nominated for the government’s watchlist or blacklist. Want to crush the competition with a better product, service, or talent? Just place them on the government’s watchlist and they’ll be barred, isolated, restrained, and treated less than human for years. Know a person who is super intelligent, has a high IQ, and considered a genius in certain areas, and you want to steal all their ideas and trade secrets? No problem. Just put them on the government’s watchlist and they will be denied “Due Process,” treated like criminals, all their devices will be hacked and their private information leaked and shared amongst the 4 million government employees with security clearances in the U.S. (singing…this is America…boom, boom, don’t get caught slipping up)

Jim Jordan…Congress has received my legal affidavit stating federal offenses being committed against me! “We the People,” including myself, are being oppressed, censored, and restrained, by a tyrannical government, especially, their federal & state organizations, who are utilizing law enforcement organizations, intelligence agencies, & private entities, involved in organized crime rings, to wreak havoc, harass, threaten, intimidate, steal private information with unlawful FISA court warrants, & repress, U.S. citizens by stripping us of our federally protected rights, privileges, immunities, opportunities and ability to pursue happiness in life.

FISA Court: A lack of transparency & over classification of documents within the FISA court, promotes economic and industrial espionage, blackmail, extortion, disclosure of U.S. citizen’s private information for personal or political gain, influence peddling, IP theft, identity fraud, voyeurism (obsession with having the power to watch someone, especially those considered unique or exceptional, without the money or influence to protect themselves), human trafficking, stalking, harassment, attempted kidnappings, and possibly even death, of those targeted with investigations by corrupt law enforcement officials or intelligence agents being paid to share valuable & confidential information in order to gain an advantage or simply crush or sometimes kill competitors, whistleblowers, activists, or political dissenters.

Based on the evidence I have, a large number of Content Creators and News Media Outlets on YouTube and other platforms, are only successful because they’re colluding with corrupt U.S officials and intelligence agencies, to steal other American’s life stories, research, ideas, and even parts of their persona, with unlawful surveillance, sanctioned by false FISA court warrants and corporate espionage, in an international organized crime scheme, operating through tax payer funds, bribes, and likely charitable donations of millions of dollars, as seen with Bill Gates and all the news media outlets in America and abroad. Numerous federal organizations and News media outlets are all biased, because they’re being dominated and manipulated by the government and big tech companies like Bill Gates, Google, AT&T, Comcast, and many others…It’s a classic “Pay to Play” scheme. This organized crime syndicate, is using the government’s watchlist (blacklists) capabilities, cancel culture, conversion, economic espionage, IP theft, deprivation of rights under color of law, and group boycotts (antitrust violations), to restrain, opress, eliminate, and ultimately crush any competition by those who are exceptional in favor of those who are likely subpar, mediocre, or have to use illegal surveillance to generate ideas for their content, services or product.

Bill Gates wouldn’t be Bill Gates, today if the government was allowed to use private entities to invade his privacy via unlawful surveillance, to monitor, study, and steal, all his research, ideas, and trade secrets, like what’s being allowed to happen to me. Like I always say, Industrial Espionage is committed by those who had to cheat on their tests to pass, because they lacked discipline and were too lazy to put in the work that it requires to be great.

The same way Satanists perverted the Christian Cross by turning it upside down to use in a different way…is the same thing politicians did to word “Woke” which originally meant, to see things that are hidden. The secret is…the term “Woke,” before it was stolen by politicians, used to be attached to those who are highly intuitive (maybe even psychic), and whistleblowers, who can read between the lies, and expose what people want to remain secret. So, basically there’s a word war going on…meaning people in positions of power in the government, have appropriated a powerful word (Woke) to use it’s energy for political purposes, almost in a ritual like fashion. Both sides are corrupt and full of sh!t. Politicians intentionally perverted and twisted the word “Woke.”They’re lying about the word’s meaning. They demonized the word on one side, and the other side is using the term Woke to cover up crimes being committed. This side is perpetuating corruption, fraud, influence peddling, and human rights abuses. Nothing but culture vultures…aka thieves. The level of expertise involved in appropriating and perverting a spiritual term like “Woke” signifies or highly indicates that those who have politized its meaning are likely tied to the occult, and are probably using the word in a ritual on a global stage.

Elements the state of North Carolina officials have in common with human traffickers (modern day slave holders)? Historically, both North Carolina and human traffickers are known to surveil, monitor, and track the movements of their targets, and both treat human beings as chattel, by depriving them of constitutional rights and civil liberties. Scholarly sources state, when North Carolina was enforcing the sinister Eugenics Program that sterilized mostly black women with disabilities or infirmities, against their will, state officials used to hunt, track down, and capture, women who tried to get away or run to a different state. Yes…North Carolina officials would actually come to another state and chase down their victims, just like President George Washington, hunted his slave, Oney Judge who he was obsessed with. Human traffickers, who are often armed with the power of the state, are also known to illegally monitor, stalk, and track down their victims as well. Before Covid, human trafficking became an epidemic in North Carolina, with multiple people selling each other for gifts, drugs, loans, job promotions, and even publicity on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Another shared trait is corrupt North Carolina officials and Human Traffickers normally violate first amendments rights by trying to isolate their targets and dictate who the victim may talk to or associate with. In Parkingham vs. North Carolina or the United States, the Supreme Court stated that a North Carolina rule to ban access to all social media platforms for convicted sex offenders was unconstitutional. I agree in part and disagree in part. I say this because it’s tempting to want to permanently cage sex offenders, but that’s just not how the law works. Once a person is convicted of a crime and completes their sentence, you can’t keep punishing them. Just like you can’t remove their constitutional rights, which includes the right to talk to or associate with whomever they choose, as long as it’s not the victim. At this point, everyone should know that human trafficking is just a different form of modern day slavery. Before the civil rights movement, the original slave owners were and often times still is, non other than the United States Government itself. Human beings have always been the most valuable commodity on earth…. editing in process…

The cover-up was worse than the crime, in my case against corrupt government officials in the U.S. I feel my case is worse than Nixon’s Watergate scandal, due to the large number of federal agencies, news outlets, and private organizations involved, all working together as arms of the state, to silence, censor, and deprive me of multiple human rights, civil liberties, privileges, and immunities, allegedly guaranteed by the Constitution that is now being viewed as just a piece of paper with no genuine meaning because it’s not being enforced. America’s so called “Democracy” is now a laughing stock on the world stage.

SECTION 5 OF THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT ALLOWS CONGRESS TO PROVIDE A REMEDY FOR CONDUCT BY PRIVATE PARTIES WHICH DEPRIVES CITIZENS OF FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS: Congress was faced with the situation in which classes of citizens were systematically deprived of their rights under state law by private individuals, and the states were not protecting their citizens against these violations. As Representative Coburn emphasized, the governors of eight states had invoked the aid of the federal government to repress the Klan between 1868 and 1870. He stated:[T]here is a preconcerted and no effective plan by which thousands of men are deprived of the equal protection of the laws. The arresting power is fettered, the witnesses are silenced, the courts are impotent, the laws are annulled, the criminal goes free, the persecuted citizen looks in vain for redress. This condition of affairs extends to counties and States; it is, in many places, the rule, and not the exception. To the majority in Congress, the failure or neglect of a state to enforce its laws on behalf of classes of its citizens amounted to a denial of equal protection of the laws. As Representative Garfield commented:[I]t appears that in some of the southern States, there exists a widespread secret organization whose members are bound together by solemn oaths to prevent certain classes of citizens of the United States from enjoying these new rights conferred upon them by the Constitution and laws; that they are putting into execution their design of preventing such citizens from enjoying the free right of the ballot box and other privileges and immunities of citizens, and from enjoying the equal protection of the laws.… [T]he chief complaint is not that the laws of the State are unequal, but that even where the laws are just and equal on their face, yet, by a systematic maladministration of them, or a neglect or refusal to enforce their provisions, a portion of the people are denied equal protection under them…The legislators recognized that the constitutional guarantee of equal protection of the laws was an assurance not only against the passage of discriminatory laws, but also against the inequitable enforcement of facially neutral statutes. Congress believed that this unequal application of state law caused by private individuals tampering with the states’ enforcement mechanisms justified remedial legislation. Otherwise, the guarantees of the fourteenth amendment would be ineffectual, as Representative Wilson maintained: A refusal to legislate equally for the protection of all would unquestionably be a denial [of equal protection]. This conceded, upon what ground can it be pretended that a refusal to execute, or a failure to do so, through inability, equally with reference to all persons, is not also a denial? I maintain, therefore, that the true meaning of this constitutional provision is that the State shall afford equal protection to all persons within its jurisdiction. Failing to do this, whether that failure is the result of inaction or inability on the part of the one or the other of the coordinate branches of the State government, the remedy lies with Congress …. Whenever it appears that any State has failed to discharge this high constitutional obligation to all of its citizens, it is not only within the power, but it is the solemn duty of Congress to enforce the protection which the State withholds-California Law Review

President Joe Biden and others, labeled Public Corruption and Misappropriation of Government funding as a National Security Threat, and is considered a great public concern. Veteran’s Affairs, FBI, DOJ, OCR, OCE, DNI, Garland, Wray, Manning, Warnock, multiple news outlets, and many others, all ignored my evidence that a cover-up was occurring, by placing their heads in the sand, acting as if I never said a word (This is the Ostrich Effect, legally viewed as Willful Blindness). Everyone I mentioned became Willful participates in a massive public corruption scheme to silence and censor me, so the truth is never exposed to large numbers of people. The news media’s discrimination is blatant because they have known about what’s happening to me for years, but yet they cover other people’s stories who aren’t being pursued and attacked at the level of severity that me and my children are experiencing; nor have those individuals had to suffer for years being deprived of basic human rights and dignity…

1st Amendment Prohibits Blocking Access to Certain Information: The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Department of Medicaid, and the Register of Deeds in Forsyth County, NC, violated first amendment rights by blocking access to my own medical and payment records; and by refusing to amend or correct inaccurate information inside my child’s birth records.It appears the State of North Carolina has a history of violating human rights, historically, and can be seen in the oppressive and unethical Eugenics Program. Then again in Packingham v. United States, the Court struck down a North Carolina law that prevented registered sex offenders from accessing essentially every important news and communications website on the internet. In doing so, the Court recognized the importance of access to the internet, and social media in particular, to civic engagement. Additionally, the unlawful surveillance I have been subjected to via the power of adversity project, began in North Carolina. I also suspect that out of retaliation for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse, inside the Department of Veteran’s Affairs…that I’m now being censored, shadow banned, harassed, and blocked on multiple social media platforms and by other private entities. (Antitrust Violations via Group Boycotts)

Public officials at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs violated my first, fifth, and fourteenth, amendment rights by intentionally denying me access to private medical and payment records, after my identity was stolen and used to commit crimes. This was done in order to conceal evidence of felony crimes involving it’s organization during the 2020 elections. “Due process of law is denied when an arm of the state acts directly against an individual’s property and deprives him of it without notice or an opportunity to be heard.” Reinertsen v. Porter, 242 Ga. 624, 627 (1) (250 SE2d 475) (1978). “Procedural due process means notice and an opportunity … to be heard.” Due process of the law must obtain as a matter of right and not merely by happenstance, or by the grace of judicial or other authorities. The Constitution of the United States abolished and did away with having a King or Queen, because when there was one, only chaos, calamity and corruption ensued. So, to remedy this, the declaration of independence was created to restore human rights and put power back in the hands of the people where it rightfully belongs. Public officials are supposed be servants of the people and not their masters!

Corruption & Crime: Due to me being under illegal surveillance in 2018, before I reported health care fraud and misappropriation of government funds, it’s more likely than not, that the corrupt officials involved were already unlawfully monitoring me under the power of adversity project, due to them using numerous false accounts under my name to launder or misappropriate government funds. It makes sense now, that the criminal ring would want to keep an eye on me to make sure I never discovered that my identity was stolen and used to commit felony crimes via money laundering through healthcare fraud…funded with the 10 Billion dollars given to the VA Choice Program.

The army of people working against me are part of a large crime syndicate using government watchlist capabilities and intelligence agents to hunt down, terrorize, and neutralize, their targets, who are mainly whistleblowers, activists, and political dissenters. Some are illegal immigrants, a large majority are poverty stricken, and many others are HIV positive, so they feel like they have nothing to lose. These individuals are involved in human trafficking, illegal surveillance, censorship, threats, intimidation, harassment, stalking, trolling, espionage, intellectual property theft, wire fraud, antitrust violations (unlawful group boycotts), false testimonies, and more. Corrupt government officials have given these individuals the green light, to participate in all these illegal activities, in order to cover up their own crimes by using middlemen and private entities to do their dirty work…in an attempt to avoid taking accountibility for their actions. The Zombie Apocalypse is already here. It’s in the initial stages. The criminals I mentioned above are nothing but mere sheep or puppets on a string. They’re not actually thinking for themselves. They’re mainly taking orders from men and women in positions of power inside the U.S. government. They all have taken an oath of silence, and this includes all the U.S. media outlets on both sides. Their perceived threat or common enemy is me. So they’re all working together to cancel, blacklist, and repress me, so no one can hear my voice.

Authority figures are retailiating against me because I exercised my protected first amendment rights to report crimes committed against me. They are abusing their power to oppress me, censor me, blacklist me, and alienate me away from like-minded individuals, like myself, who graduated from college with honors, are land owners, have clear criminal histories and a strong sense of integrity, morals, and values. Instead, they’re actually paying criminals, human traffickers, abusers, and people who are HIV positive, to try to date me and take my life away. It’s sickening, it’s a form of human trafficking to try to exert that much control over another person’s life. But most of all, it’s illegal, and it’s a crime against humanity. Hacking, tracking, and monitoring my every move online, and in person, just to be able to interfere with my human rights and civil liberties is a hate crime. These people are monsters who should be prosecuted and sent to prison for the rest of their lives. Individuals like this need to be taken off the streets permanently.

Millions and Billions of taxpayer dollars is going towards hacking, tracking, and monitoring U.S. citizens who are not terrorists, but just said the wrong thing, pissed the wrong person off, or became the object of another’s person’s obsession. So now, they’re on the government’s watchlist/blacklist; having ridiculously large amounts of public funds being wasted to punish them, oppress them, watch everything they do, have people follow them everywhere they go, therefore invading their privacy, to degrade and humilate them, by leaking their private infomation to millions of people, which strips them of basic human rights and makes them a slave of the U.S. government, who is stealing their intellectual property and trade secrets throughout the entire process, because they have been labeled as terrorists, who can now be treated like peasants or less than human beings… This is also an effective way to human traffick individuals through forced services via illegal surveillance or to restrain a wife or husband who you want trapped and dependent on you because they’re being harassed by the government, corporations, and millions of strangers who they don’t know and can’t confront because they’re being deprived of most human rights…Just think…all these corrupt, uncivilized, savages, are in positions of power to go after their enemies with excessive and militant force…all at the taxpayers expense… You’re welcome.