I also suspect that the individuals getting paid to be followers and like people’s post for a paid monthly subscription… if it’s true and not just propaganda…these same individuals are likely the same people participating in group stalking, harassment, and intimidation tactics, against business or political opponents…or just innocent individuals placed on the government’s watchlist/blacklist for political vendettas or retaliation. Just think about it…it’s literally thousands of people (an entire army of folks) who get paid to sit around and like posts or become followers, to make people appear more popular and successful than they really are. Who is the person or organization in charge of paying thousands of people to be followers? Follow the money trail.

I suspect the reason organizations like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Tagged, etc…are manipulating, altering, and deleting people’s likes and followers may likely be due to them attempting to have a monopoly over the market regarding who can be popular or be seen as successful, based on their likes or views. I think it’s quite possible at times, these organizations attempt to force you to purchase certain subscriptions to be viewed, despite their false advertising claiming you can have certain benefits for free. So, if you get tons of attention naturally, without having to buy likes or followers, then these organizations sometimes resort to deceptive tactics such as lowering and deleting your views, likes, and comments. Even if you pay for a subscription, if you’re on watchlist, blacklist or viewed as a competitor or a threat, then you will be denied honest services, censored, shadow banned, and have most of your likes, comments, and followers removed, despite paying for their services.The above tactics violate Sherman/Antitrust laws and are considered a breach of duty, public trust, invasion of privacy, and interference with civil rights, liberties, privileges, or immunities. Match Group I believe, has already been sued more than once by the FTC, for the same or similar offenses in the past.

(COLD CASE INFO) I suspect that Daniel Byrd who was killed in a fire in Cross Hill, SC in the 1950’s, is actually Daniel McNeil (my alleged mother’s father) or interconnected to Daniel McNeil (or vice versa) in an identity fraud scheme that’s a generational business. Both Daniel McNeil (my alleged mother’s father), and Daniel Byrd were murdered, and both their bodies were found unrecognizable. I suspect for the purpose of identity fraud to obtain any wills, insurance, land, or property left behind to the adults and the children. These individuals also use information obtained from various jobs and government positions to steal info to create fake identities by piecing together the names of multiple people into a whole name. I’ve seen it done with my own family’s information. It’s a well known major family/generational scam ring being done in Forsyth & Guilford county NC, along with other counties in the state. It’s a large and very profitable organization or criminal enterprise, that’s been going on for years due to the assistance of corrupt government officials. My relatives have many associates in positions of power.

Even when I leave my phone at home, I’m still being tracked and followed, which leads me to believe that it’s likely that a tracking device was placed on my vehicle when it was being serviced at either the Chevy place or one of my other service providers. I alerted the police of my concerns, here in Glynn County, but they just left me waiting for a hour and never showed up to check the car for any hidden devices. The cars tracking me are local, and others are from Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Philadelphia, and a few other states. I believe just the number of states involved is also a clear indication of how large the crime ring or syndicate is that’s involved; who are using the power of the government or arms of the states.

It’s more likely than not, most of the advocates asking for billions in reparations in California, is due to them knowing about the unlawful case study or experiment forced upon me, using illegal surveillance, monitoring, tracking, espionage, oppression, group boycotts, restraints, and deprival of my human rights, for all these years for profit. Like I said, the majority of organizations or companies involved in invading my privacy and harassing me, are all located in California. It’s likely, that it’s not really reparations, but bribery and hush money instead…for them not to tell. All the advocates asking for reparations in California, need to be wiretapped and investigated like they do in the big stings in Polk County, Georgia, when bringing down hundreds of human traffickers and other organized crime rings like the ones involving famous people and gangs with DA Fani Willis, in Fulton County, Georgia. DA Fani Willis used the lyrics in the songs to go after musicians involved in crimes, who were dumb enough to sing, write, or publish the crimes they participated in…just like the YouTube Content Creators or Tarot Readers are doing by posting all the stories connected to my private life being illegally recorded.

Betrayal of Public Trust: Includes betrayal of public interest, inexcusable negligence of duty, tyrannical abuse of power, breach of official duty by malfeasance or misfeasance, cronyism, favoritism, etc., to the prejudice of public interest and which tend to bring the office in to dispute.” A public trust violation is also demonstrated by misappropriation of client or customer funds or property, willful discrimination, or fraud resulting in substantial economic harm. Public service is a public trust, requiring you to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principles, above private gain. You shall not hold financial interests that conflict with the conscientious performance of duty. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs allowing my identity to be stolen and used to commit healthcare fraud, that ruined my credit during the middle of closing on a new home, without any investigation, is an abuse/breach of public trust, dereliction of duty, neglect of duty, misapplication & misappropriation of public resources, obstruction of justice, and violation of due process rights.

I find it interesting that Microsoft owns stakes in media giants such as Comcast and AT&T, who I feel also participated in the power of adversity program by invading my privacy, harassing and retailiating against me. And the “MS” in MSNBC, (who ignored my allegations of corruption and serious human rights abuses) stands for Microsoft. It’s no wonder why no one in the entire United States or other countries wanted to help me because some of the most powerful people in the world were invading my privacy and stealing my intellectual property….