Based on the evidence I have, a large number of Content Creators and News Media Outlets on YouTube and other platforms, are only successful because they’re colluding with corrupt U.S officials and intelligence agencies, to steal other American’s life stories, research, ideas, and even parts of their persona, with unlawful surveillance, sanctioned by false FISA court warrants and corporate espionage, in an international organized crime scheme, operating through tax payer funds, bribes, and likely charitable donations of millions of dollars, as seen with Bill Gates and all the news media outlets in America and abroad. Numerous federal organizations and News media outlets are all biased, because they’re being dominated and manipulated by the government and big tech companies like Bill Gates, Google, AT&T, Comcast, and many others…It’s a classic “Pay to Play” scheme. This organized crime syndicate, is using the government’s watchlist (blacklists) capabilities, cancel culture, conversion, economic espionage, IP theft, deprivation of rights under color of law, and group boycotts (antitrust violations), to restrain, opress, eliminate, and ultimately crush any competition by those who are exceptional in favor of those who are likely subpar, mediocre, or have to use illegal surveillance to generate ideas for their content, services or product.

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