President Joe Biden and others, labeled Public Corruption and Misappropriation of Government funding as a National Security Threat, and is considered a great public concern. Veteran’s Affairs, FBI, DOJ, OCR, OCE, DNI, Garland, Wray, Manning, Warnock, multiple news outlets, and many others, all ignored my evidence that a cover-up was occurring, by placing their heads in the sand, acting as if I never said a word (This is the Ostrich Effect, legally viewed as Willful Blindness). Everyone I mentioned became Willful participates in a massive public corruption scheme to silence and censor me, so the truth is never exposed to large numbers of people. The news media’s discrimination is blatant because they have known about what’s happening to me for years, but yet they cover other people’s stories who aren’t being pursued and attacked at the level of severity that me and my children are experiencing; nor have those individuals had to suffer for years being deprived of basic human rights and dignity…

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