1st Amendment Prohibits Blocking Access to Certain Information: The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Department of Medicaid, and the Register of Deeds in Forsyth County, NC, violated first amendment rights by blocking access to my own medical and payment records; and by refusing to amend or correct inaccurate information inside my child’s birth records.It appears the State of North Carolina has a history of violating human rights, historically, and can be seen in the oppressive and unethical Eugenics Program. Then again in Packingham v. United States, the Court struck down a North Carolina law that prevented registered sex offenders from accessing essentially every important news and communications website on the internet. In doing so, the Court recognized the importance of access to the internet, and social media in particular, to civic engagement. Additionally, the unlawful surveillance I have been subjected to via the power of adversity project, began in North Carolina. I also suspect that out of retaliation for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse, inside the Department of Veteran’s Affairs…that I’m now being censored, shadow banned, harassed, and blocked on multiple social media platforms and by other private entities. (Antitrust Violations via Group Boycotts)

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