Facebook, Microsoft, and Google & it’s YouTubers have been tracking and hacking me to use me for for their content

Right after I posted on YouTube stating these people are using hacked and stolen information, I received a call from what looks the the ringleader, the Government

These people work in groups via organized crime—and they’re spreading stolen, damaging, misinformation for money and klout, forgetting that’s it’s against the law to illegally track and hack people, while stealing their private information. I’m not even poly. I want to learn about this culture and what it stands for. I’m a researcher and they have been repeatedly hacking me and using my information pretending like it’s messages from God. These ratchet low-lives should be ashamed of themselves. This group of Google—hackers/stalkers have been taking bits and pieces of my life and creating wild stories about me all over YouTube with my information that they stole through illegal surveillance and recordings from my devices. My previous posts show Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, and other organizations have been violating the RICO act, which deals with corrupt organizations, racketeering, wire fraud, conspiracy, refusal of honest services, and various other crimes. For years this group has been hacking my devices, my bank accounts, watching me naked, recording me through my microphones, and stealing my photos and personal files for at least two years or more! They track all of my research, creative ideas, life stories, and even my hairstyles, and other personal items to copy and mimic me and it’s sickening!

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