Did their affiliation with gangs and the music industry result in making me and my children a sacrifice?

Yes, sometimes husbands sacrifice their wives and children for money, fame and power…and yes, sometimes whole entire families will sacrifice their own relatives for a come up as well. People think it only happens in the movies, but that’s false. Often, people who come from the wrong side of the tracks–sometimes get desperate and decide to take the easy way out, instead of putting in the work to get things the honest way. Due to corruption, slavery, racism and oppression, I understand getting it the honest way doesn’t always seem like the best option…but whichever way a person attempts to get wealth, I would suggest doing it in a way that you can still stomach yourself in the morning. Having your family set up, sold on the black web, trafficked, poisoned, murdered or set or fire etc…might not be the best way to go about getting money, power, or fame.

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