Individuals who tell the truth are some of the most hated people in the world—


Unfortunately, I happen to fall under that category. They call me honest Abe—Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, or self righteous. So, because I try to live my life based on specific morals and values, mainly integrity, I don’t fit in with my ole community or family—who when I think about it, never showed me much love anyways. So, I have no loyalty to people who never had loyalty to me. In fact, I still want a blood test to make sure I wasn’t stolen, adopted, or victim of familiar human trafficking. With the latter, I say that because many of the relatives that turned against me, all appeared to have multiple identities, were cut throat, always involved in shady dealings, and would film people having sex, so if they were doing all that, and just so happened to turn against me, then I know for a fact, I’m not exempt from them doing something underhanded to me. Hell, my older sister started a fight over me not giving her my social security number, right before my identity was stolen. And my other sibling asked for my exact dates of service? Like—why would I give you all my personal information, especially knowing we’re not close? And most importantly, what do you need my information for? Because I’m a loner and don’t allow many people around me, the list of people with access to my information other than the hackers is very slim. Based on the behaviors I observed, I believe my family either participated with the individuals keeping me under illegal surveillance, or they know about who did, but aren’t saying anything due to being offered a few crumbs to stay quiet…I also believe that most of my ole community knows as well—but that’s a topic for another discussion. The truth is…I knew a long time ago that I didn’t want to be a criminal just because the people around me were criminals. I’m no better than them because they chose a different path than me, were just different—-like oil and water, two things don’t mix. It’s like trying to pair a Supreme Court judge with a bank robber, or a fish with a bird…it just won’t work. A liar will never like a honest person. A betrayer will never like a loyal person because eventually they’re gonna bump heads…it’s just life. I tried to walk the middle path, but people orchestrated events that I was forced between protecting me and my children, or being silent and just allowing a bunch of criminals to play me while I was just minding my business, trying to heal from all the trauma I had already been through.

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