I’m tired, exhausted, and fed up with this group of people hunting me like an animal

No need to keep changing my number or even my address because I can’t out-run the Government, crooked cops or FBI agents who have access to my personal information. I can sort of understand why some of my relatives may have sold me out. Who wants to go up against the Government? It’s still not a good excuse to sell out your relative who hadn’t done anything to you, but I can understand that some people don’t have the same courage to stand and fight for what’s right. If this situation is not adjudicated soon, the only recourse I see is leaving the country. Previously, I tried reaching out to the authorities for help. They denied me access to legal recourse. They turned a blind eye to me being hacked repeatedly over the past 3 years or more. They turned a blind eye to my identity being stolen. They turned a blind eye to my bank accounts being monitored and hacked. They turned a blind eye to all of my emails and social media accounts being hacked, monitored censored, restricted, and remotely accessed. They turned a blind eye to a group of doctors falsifying my medical records, deleting my records, inputting false information in my records, and placing false items on my credit report during the middle of closing on a new home. The authorities turned a blind eye to my phones being wired tapped, and my internet being intercepted. They turned a blind eye to my child being harassed at school. My daughter in elementary school was called the same name that I was called in the privacy of my own home the day before, which shows that I’m being illegally recorded. They turned a blind eye to multiple organizations tampering with my money. Comcast even stole $600 from my bank account and asked to see my bank statement in order to get my own money back? AT&T had someone using a secret app that allowed them to remotely monitor, edit, and delete many of my calls and texts. Child support enforcement, removed an court ordered arrears payment without legal jurisdiction and refused to give me interest on all late and missing payments which is a mandatory ruling in the State of Alabama. Social Security tried to delete all my work credits like somehow I wouldn’t notice? Child Support Enforcement deactivated and closed down my account without reason–in an attempt to cover up conversations proving employee misconduct. Just in 2021 alone, there’s over 50 pages of similar events happening across every organization I’ve had to interact with. This organized criminal group is enacting gang or mob-like behavior which violates the RICO Act and 18 U.S. Code £666, and dozens of other laws that were written to protect the people.

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