HATFIELDS & McCOYS: Return to Lawlessness in the United States—

Photo by: fmovies.co

When the Government and the Justice System begins accepting bribes and turning a blind eye to crime and corruption despite submitting proof… When the Government begins breaking its own laws by obstructing justice, being unwilling to even investigate or adjudicate illegal activities…When the Government allows criminals to wreak havoc in the lives of innocent people, due to the status of the individuals committing the offenses…When the Government commits federal offenses itself—by refusing to release an individual’s personal records despite signing a Freedom of Information/Release form…When the Government allows an individual’s bank accounts to be monitored and hacked…When the Government allows a person’s phones to wiretapped, emails hacked, social media accounts hacked, and even service provider accounts to be hacked…When the Government allows a woman with children to be monitored, viewed naked, studied, stalked, and intellectual property stolen and distributed amongst the internet for others to capitalize and make a profit off the pain and suffering of another…When the Government allows its own citizens to be experimented on despite that person’s objections, and threat to their health and safety….When the Government allows a mother, who served and fought for her country, along with her innocent children to be ambushed, tortured, oppressed, harassed, sabotaged, restricted, and brought to the brink of poverty due retaliation for speaking up and telling the truth—then tyranny rules and a return to lawlessness and slavery may very well be on the horizons. When the foundations of society are broken, and laws begin to cease to exist due to corruption, then what recourse is their for people with integrity, who have intentionally been censored and silenced? What can you do when the Government doesn’t abide by their own rules? What can you do when the Government begins openly sacrificing people in plain site?

“To execute upon them the judgment written (laws of the land): this honor belongs to every saint”

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