Possible Set Up?

At this point in my life, I truly believe that anything is possible. After having my whole entire family and old associates turn on me, being blacklisted, shadow-banned on every social media account, hacked repeatedly, phones wire-tapped, emails intercepted, gang-stalked (or should I say “organized crime” so I won’t be deemed crazy or schizo…I just never know what to expect that. Hell even this very blog seems to have been intentionally hidden. I used to be able to type in my name at WordPress for it to come up and now it doesn’t, so it’s clear to see an entity or group of people are attempting to silence me. For some reason since my marriage crumbled, the street lights around my home seemed to frequently go out for long periods of time and my windows seem to magically be unlocked, posing as threat to the safety of my home. I’ve explained to children the importance of safety in regards to the windows and the doors. However there is one person who just so happens to be sleeping downstairs at the moment…Could it be just a coincidence? I’m not sure, but for now, until the dust settles with my situation I will most definitely be on guard. I’ll be damn if I just let an intruder easily invade my home. They’re going have to kick in a door or bust out some glass to get in here and not just simply lift a window up…to be continued…

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