Is She Really My Mother?

The woman I knew as my mother all these years…no longer feels like my mother. The relationship was strained, and I was always treated like the black sheep. So, if I was secretly adopted, given away, or switched at birth, then the awful treatment I received might actually be easier to swallow. So, my question is—if Margaret is not my mother then who is? The only way to know for sure is a DNA test. Margaret told me that the woman who raised her—Thelma—who appears to have several last names—Rookard, Fuller, & Goodson-died immediately after I was born; around 10 days to be exact. My mother said that Thelma took out an insurance policy for me but supposedly, the policy didn’t mature enough to be valid before Thelma died? Honestly, that explanation didn’t make a lick of sense to me. I immediately felt like something was off about the story. Now I’m wondering if Thelma was really my mother and died after giving birth to me? The date of Thelma’s death was around 10 days after I was born…Did my family purposely keep my identity a secret because they stole my inheritance? Did the individuals I viewed as family keep me trauma-bonded and isolated so I would never find out the truth? Did I go through years of mistreatment—being used a scapegoat because I wasn’t really the biological child of of the woman I was told was my mother? And did the individuals I’ve always believed were my brothers and sisters know about this secret—making it easy for them to turn on me and throw me under the bus because I wasn’t their biological sibling? Now I’m wondering if this situation is somehow connected to the reason why my siblings wanted my social security number and dates of military service? Did someone assume my identity and steal a will, land or inheritance? Ummmh…very interesting….to be continued.

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