Multiple Media Platforms in the US and Australia Praise Sex Offender Candidate who’s best friend was a Human Trafficker

Their actions illustrate that you can sexually abuse or violate someone and still run for office or be the president of the United States…because being held liable for offenses not far off from rape is acceptable in their eyes? Yes, you can almost rape someone in the US if you are seen as an elite? So is child pedophilia, slavery, or human trafficking, also acceptable as long as the candidate is a wealthy white male or elite figure? Supporting and even praising an individual held liable for a sex offense encourages other sex offenders to have their way with their victims. If they’re wealthy enough, they can get away with it and still hold high offices. Is defending sexual offenders a form of Depravity or Immorality? Yea or Nay?Are they saying that abusing women is okay because women are seen as inferior to so called elite males, whom many only remain in power due to oppressing others via group boycotts, blacklisting, antitrust violations, and other organized crime…Are current U.S. officials and News Media Outlets officially lowering the country’s moral standards by condoning Sex Crimes and other serious offenses? It’s my personal opinion that the actions above strongly indicate which government officials and News outlets are likely participates in the corruption that’s fueling human trafficking, espionage, illegal surveillance, and other serious human rights violations currently taking place in the United States…United in their debauchery and abuse of power is what I call this… Two heads of the same snake…both sides are corrupt so it doesn’t matter who you choose at this time…Both Republicans and Democrats are basically saying…”We don’t care if you rape someone, attempt to overthrow the government & democracy…We don’t care if you deprive citizens of their human rights or civil liberties…We don’t care if you commit espionage and obstruct justice for the individuals you swore oaths to protect…and We don’t care if you misappropiate or mishandle tax payer funds, specifically to work against your own countrymen, just as long as public officials and elite figures continue to be wealthy and stay in positions of power, so they can pretend to be kings and queens above everyone else…even those who are perhaps more deserving than themselves… May all the people in the United States and around the world come together and Unite against all corrupt political figures not enforcing the rule of law and the constitution…to be continued…

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