Killer Ronnie O’Neil: why would he slay his family?

When Killer Ronnie O’Neil said, “Ask yourself, why would I do this?” I know exactly why the man said what he said. The wise ones and even the crazy ones, always speak in rhymes, riddles, and parables. I believe it’s more than likely that this man was subjected to some type of hypnosis, a forced personality split, associative disorder, also known as possession (demon), and or trauma induced mind control. These increased killings are being used to create more chaos, just like Hitler did with the Nazis, so that the elite can gain even more control, money, and power by causing enough division that people start taking out themselves. This is the higher or advanced form of organized crime—taking place behind the scenes. These killers aka Assassins are being produced through advanced trauma induced mind control techniques. That’s why the hell these people acting looney and going bat-sh?t crazy. It’s all part of an agenda.

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