I’ve experienced enough violence…it’s time for me to experience peace now—

The event described up above has been my life for over 20 years. I’ve been in one battle after another with all the people surrounding me, friends, family, business, and even strangers. I’m battle weary. I’m ready to lay down my sword. I’m tired of fighting just to be able to live in peace. The ugly truth is…people appear to be profiting off of my continuous pain and suffering somehow, so they turn a blind eye and look away. Even my family knows just how much I’ve been through and continue to go through. It’s been one thing after another, after another….They getting off on my pain like some BDSM type of thing. It’s sickening, that they won’t leave me alone. Despite all the injuries, they repeatedly set situations up to keep me in a cycle of perpetual war. I post this not for pity but to show people the state of the world. People have lost their humanity towards other human beings. A whole community in Winston-Salem, NC, watched the above event take place and didn’t even try to stop it. They cheered it on like pure savages. It just so happens that the police pulled up and witnessed me being attacked with their own eyes so they couldn’t deny it. The spyware found on one of my devices was called the, “Power of Adversity” Daemonware app….So a whole community of people are getting paid to continuously help cause adversity in my life…and sadly, I believe one of ring leaders of this whole operation to oppress and cause hardship to me is my elder sister Stephanie, who mistreated me even as an innocent child when she was my Guardian.

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