Casting Pearls Before Swine…

Biblical texts state that: We are not to be hypocritical judges, yet we must be able to discern the swine, lest we cast our pearls before them. This is what Google and Microsoft hackers did with sacred knowledge that I was gifted to obtain during a decade of studying and researching general and esoteric knowledge. They passed out my life stories, ideas, and hard earned research to a bunch of fake Youtube readers and Instagram influencers, claiming to be prophets, but are really scammers and con-artists affiliated with Google and Microsoft hackers, stealing people’s information in order to appear knowledgable, when many were not. They were common thieves—breaking into people’s houses digitally. Its one thing to use information you find online while researching—but its a completely different scenario when you become desperate enough to hack into people’s phones and computers to obtain knowledge not meant for you in the first place. If the information was truly meant for them to have, they would have been able to find it on their own rather than taking it from other people! These people literally studied me to try to clone me. They even installed artificial intelligence software illegally on my devices to learn my every move, all my likes and dislikes. They used key-loggers to record everything typed in my search box, emails, and text messages. They downloaded thousands of photos, intimate moments, my kids and everything and no one attempted to bring me justice! They stole major chucks of my life just because they could! They abused their power and authority in the most inhumane way. Then after stealing damn near my whole life story, turned around and mocked me, oppressed me, censored and shadow-banned me, and even intentionally restricted my access to a real audience to make sure I couldn’t get my story out about what they were doing!

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