Another example of organized crime—crimes of persecution, aggression, and cruelty.

The authority figures won’t even protect my children in this sadistic situation I find myself in

The word Gay was written on my child’s stay-at-school folder, that never leaves the facility. This happened the next day after having a disagreement with a relative, who just so happened to call me Gay. You hitting below the belt when you target a person’s innocent child. Honorable criminals usually have a code—no women, no children, no elderly, or handicapped. This situation shows that I’m being monitored through my devices, and or through hidden surveillance or recording devices in my home. This is not the first incidence of abnormal occurrences happening with my child, which possibly involves my child’s new teacher at her elementary school. The first week of school my child was held hostage between 2 or 3 hours after school let out multiple times. The first time, the teacher claimed she didn’t have a updated number to contact anyone, so she held my child. However, at lunchtime around 12pm that same day, I received a call from my child’s father saying that the school kept calling him while at work? He said that he had a conversation with the school letting them know that our child would be a walker since we live right across the street the school, and they refused to provide my child with transportation. First my child’s father claimed he spoke with the teacher. Then later he said, he just spoke with someone at the school. This whole situation involves a lot of mind games, manipulation, and smoke and mirrors. These actions are well thought out, tactical and highly strategic in nature.They are meant to be viewed as mere coincidences that are not related. But I can see and read between the lines (beyond the veil). I can see what others fail to see—or consider when putting together the pieces of a puzzle. The atrocious actions and behaviors of the organized criminal group conspiring against me falls under the RICO Act, 18 U.S. Code £666, and Crimes Against Humanity. In the year 2021 alone, I have almost a 50 page report I’m working on, that shows I’ve had to deal with one adverse situation after another, with almost every organization or agency I’ve had to interact with. This strongly suggests organized crime, resembling gang or mob-like activities taking place. Thieves don’t break into empty houses. These individuals are monitoring me for a reason. Considering all the evidence thus far…you be the judge.

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