The same way Satanists perverted the Christian Cross by turning it upside down to use in a different way…is the same thing politicians did to word “Woke” which originally meant, to see things that are hidden. The secret is…the term “Woke,” before it was stolen by politicians, used to be attached to those who are highly intuitive (maybe even psychic), and whistleblowers, who can read between the lies, and expose what people want to remain secret. So, basically there’s a word war going on…meaning people in positions of power in the government, have appropriated a powerful word (Woke) to use it’s energy for political purposes, almost in a ritual like fashion. Both sides are corrupt and full of sh!t. Politicians intentionally perverted and twisted the word “Woke.”They’re lying about the word’s meaning. They demonized the word on one side, and the other side is using the term Woke to cover up crimes being committed. This side is perpetuating corruption, fraud, influence peddling, and human rights abuses. Nothing but culture vultures…aka thieves. The level of expertise involved in appropriating and perverting a spiritual term like “Woke” signifies or highly indicates that those who have politized its meaning are likely tied to the occult, and are probably using the word in a ritual on a global stage.

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