Federal Question of Law? Whether the FBI agents involved in the 278,000 warrantless or improper searches against U.S. citizens are in any way connected to the criminal ring or crime syndicate, committing espionage to hack and leak my private information to generate content for a large group of Google/YouTube Content Creators or Influencers; with a large number based in California?

Were some of the other targets of unlawful surveillance just distractions or cover-ups? Or was their private information also used to create content via various stories, readings, or insights into the daily lives of others for the new “mini” Hollywood Crew on YouTubers who want to be famous like the mainstream stars or artists?Like Actor Will Smith once said…Information is the new Gold…or something similar along those lines. So, it makes sense that the government, intelligence agencies, corporations, the elite, and others in positions of power, would likely covet, target, study, or monitor, those with valuable information or high intellect for self enrichment or political gain. Due to the competitive nature of the U.S. or Industry in general, those mentioned above, would also likely want to limit, restrain, guard, or dictate, via Antitrust Violations, Group Boycotts, and Censorship, who all is allowed to enter the public eye…to eliminate threats to their own power or just ability to receive attention or be in the spotlight. Many powerful people stay in power only by unfairly crushing, eliminating, or neutralizing other great or exceptional people, even when their product, service, or talent, is less superior than their competitors.


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