Elements the state of North Carolina officials have in common with human traffickers (modern day slave holders)? Historically, both North Carolina and human traffickers are known to surveil, monitor, and track the movements of their targets, and both treat human beings as chattel, by depriving them of constitutional rights and civil liberties. Scholarly sources state, when North Carolina was enforcing the sinister Eugenics Program that sterilized mostly black women with disabilities or infirmities, against their will, state officials used to hunt, track down, and capture, women who tried to get away or run to a different state. Yes…North Carolina officials would actually come to another state and chase down their victims, just like President George Washington, hunted his slave, Oney Judge who he was obsessed with. Human traffickers, who are often armed with the power of the state, are also known to illegally monitor, stalk, and track down their victims as well. Before Covid, human trafficking became an epidemic in North Carolina, with multiple people selling each other for gifts, drugs, loans, job promotions, and even publicity on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Another shared trait is corrupt North Carolina officials and Human Traffickers normally violate first amendments rights by trying to isolate their targets and dictate who the victim may talk to or associate with. In Parkingham vs. North Carolina or the United States, the Supreme Court stated that a North Carolina rule to ban access to all social media platforms for convicted sex offenders was unconstitutional. I agree in part and disagree in part. I say this because it’s tempting to want to permanently cage sex offenders, but that’s just not how the law works. Once a person is convicted of a crime and completes their sentence, you can’t keep punishing them. Just like you can’t remove their constitutional rights, which includes the right to talk to or associate with whomever they choose, as long as it’s not the victim. At this point, everyone should know that human trafficking is just a different form of modern day slavery. Before the civil rights movement, the original slave owners were and often times still is, non other than the United States Government itself. Human beings have always been the most valuable commodity on earth…. editing in process…

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