Silencing of the Messengers:

11th Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 22-11660, clearly establishes a pattern of corruption, obstruction, and crime. It illustrates that numerous government organizations, (including multiple members of Congress), private entities, and big tech companies, acting under color of law, were weaponized to interfere, attack, harass, intimidate, censor, oppress, and deprive me of multiple human rights and civil liberties. This was done in order to protect comrades involved in illegal activities, and to retaliate against me for exercising protected first amendment rights. These events escalated during the 2020 elections, and have continued to the present.

The Supreme Court of the United States and the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, historically has held that, “It is the duty of every citizen, to assist in the prosecuting, and in securing the punishment of any breach of the peace of the United States, and that citizens have the “Right to inform federal officials of violations of federal law,” especially when committed against their person…(without fear of retaliation, intimidation, or threats to their safety or livihoods).

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