Public officials at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs violated my first, fifth, and fourteenth, amendment rights by intentionally denying me access to private medical and payment records, after my identity was stolen and used to commit crimes. This was done in order to conceal evidence of felony crimes involving it’s organization during the 2020 elections. “Due process of law is denied when an arm of the state acts directly against an individual’s property and deprives him of it without notice or an opportunity to be heard.” Reinertsen v. Porter, 242 Ga. 624, 627 (1) (250 SE2d 475) (1978). “Procedural due process means notice and an opportunity … to be heard.” Due process of the law must obtain as a matter of right and not merely by happenstance, or by the grace of judicial or other authorities. The Constitution of the United States abolished and did away with having a King or Queen, because when there was one, only chaos, calamity and corruption ensued. So, to remedy this, the declaration of independence was created to restore human rights and put power back in the hands of the people where it rightfully belongs. Public officials are supposed be servants of the people and not their masters!

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