Authority figures are retailiating against me because I exercised my protected first amendment rights to report crimes committed against me. They are abusing their power to oppress me, censor me, blacklist me, and alienate me away from like-minded individuals, like myself, who graduated from college with honors, are land owners, have clear criminal histories and a strong sense of integrity, morals, and values. Instead, they’re actually paying criminals, human traffickers, abusers, and people who are HIV positive, to try to date me and take my life away. It’s sickening, it’s a form of human trafficking to try to exert that much control over another person’s life. But most of all, it’s illegal, and it’s a crime against humanity. Hacking, tracking, and monitoring my every move online, and in person, just to be able to interfere with my human rights and civil liberties is a hate crime. These people are monsters who should be prosecuted and sent to prison for the rest of their lives. Individuals like this need to be taken off the streets permanently.

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