Millions and Billions of taxpayer dollars is going towards hacking, tracking, and monitoring U.S. citizens who are not terrorists, but just said the wrong thing, pissed the wrong person off, or became the object of another’s person’s obsession. So now, they’re on the government’s watchlist/blacklist; having ridiculously large amounts of public funds being wasted to punish them, oppress them, watch everything they do, have people follow them everywhere they go, therefore invading their privacy, to degrade and humilate them, by leaking their private infomation to millions of people, which strips them of basic human rights and makes them a slave of the U.S. government, who is stealing their intellectual property and trade secrets throughout the entire process, because they have been labeled as terrorists, who can now be treated like peasants or less than human beings… This is also an effective way to human traffick individuals through forced services via illegal surveillance or to restrain a wife or husband who you want trapped and dependent on you because they’re being harassed by the government, corporations, and millions of strangers who they don’t know and can’t confront because they’re being deprived of most human rights…Just think…all these corrupt, uncivilized, savages, are in positions of power to go after their enemies with excessive and militant force…all at the taxpayers expense… You’re welcome.

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