Kleptocracy: Using Government’s Watchlist to Steal Intellectual Property & Neutralize & Oppress Political Opponents

Art Work By: Sentinel

The evidence within my own case no. 22-11660, against the United States, highly indicates that corrupt officials and organizations are abusing their power by using the government’s watchlist, created for terrorists, to steal intellectual property, trade secrets, ideas, and upcoming trends for personal gain. By spying or using illegal surveillance on their fellow Americans with higher levels of intellect, the government is able to obtain a competitive advantage over others through deceitful means via lying, cheating, and stealing, while blocking and crippling their targets during the process. These acts are a violation of human rights and Antitrust laws. The Supreme Court specifically prohibits this type of behavior because it’s considered unconstitutional. The government’s watchlist is similar or the same as a Hollywood Blacklist, because it defames that person and cancels most opportunities available to that individual. What makes the government’s watchlist so dangerous is that the list is sent to all 50 states, federal agencies, (including police departments and other intelligence agencies) numerous corporations, and possibly media outlets, and multiple countries, who all have trade deals or partnerships with the United States. So, when a single individual is placed on the government’s watchlist, a target is then placed on their back, with the full militarized force of the United States government and all their allies from other countries.

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