Familial Human Trafficking

Believe it or not, multiple families throughout the United States are involved in Generational Human Trafficking…meaning it’s a long time family business or enterprise. They sacrifice or sell, sometimes the best out of the tribe, so that other mediocre or subpar members are afforded opportunities they would not normally obtain based on their own hardwork or merit…When you see people in high positions with absolutely no skills or talent in certain fields, at times it’s because that person has klout or is linked to an organized group, cult, coven, or secret society, that likely have criminal ties… such as Human or Drug Trafficking. Obtaining high positions, large sums of money, or promotions, without the qualifications or needed experience, should automatically raise a red flag because those individuals aren’t getting those things of value for free. There is always a cost or some type of exchange throughout the process that’s not always on the up and up…if you catch my drift…to be continued

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