An Employee Work Profile on my phone despite me not being an employee???

The T-Mobile representative told me I would likely have to get a subpoena in order for them to tell me the name of the employer or organization with administrative access to my all my intimate photos and videos, despite me not being anyone’s employee??? All I could say was wow… Deprivation of Human Rights and Interference with Civil Liberties….After multiple factory resets, the employer app still was not removed from the device. T-Mobile claimed they could not remove the app and there was nothing else that could be done about an unknown organization having unlawful access to all private photos and videos while all my private affairs are being commercialized and sold by YouTube Content Creators and Influencers. I have multiple phone lines with AT&T and T-Mobile due to all the Cyber attacks and DOS attacks (Denial of Service). I added T-Mobile to have backline lines for when the AT&T phones are deactivated at will. The AT&T phone lines are hacked remotely, while some of the T-Mobile lines are hacked through pre-installed apps that can’t be removed.


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