The older sister who hates me is related to the Mob

I believe my older sister is connected to the smear campaign against me. The reason I feel this way is one, she hates me and always has hated me—even since I was a child. She’s over a decade older than me, so whatever reason she despised me as a child, I’m sure is no fault of my own…because I was just a child. For two, me and my older sister has different fathers…hell depending on the DNA results, we may have different mothers too but I’m not 100 percent certain on that at the moment…but back to what I was saying…this older sibling of mines just so so happens to be related to the largest mob-like family in Winston-Salem, NC, so many people used to be afraid of her and I didn’t know why until I got older and started putting together the pieces of the puzzle. For some reason my sister always had a way to find out people’s private information to extort and blackmail them with it. My older sister also teamed up with one of my enemies—Author Micheal Williams, also known as Mikeo Jenkins, who tried to slander me all over the internet with lies. I reason I know my sister was involved because when I asked her to post the truth in the gossip group, she refused because she was happy to ruin my reputation due to jealousy. So me being under illegal surveillance could also be tied to her along with my ex-spouse because shockingly, I found out that they’re distant relatives—both belonging to the biggest Mob/Cartel family in NC. So, at this point, it’s really looking like my sister set me up with my ex-spouse to help steal my identity and sell me into human trafficking, so they would never get caught. This same older sister of mines also told the whole community that I was a evil witch but she been doing spell work since I was child and she also came to me for healing work, which I did and it helped her immediately. Before we stopped speaking my older sister said something about her working with Conjure South, which has a whole coven of witches. Besides this, My older sister was always competing with me while I was just living my life. She would come to my house and then later go out and buy some of the same exact things. If I said I wanted a new tv, she would ask me what size I was getting so that she could go out and buy a bigger one. If I buy a new car, she would go in debt to buy a new car too. My ex spouse the one who pointed out what she was doing. On top of all this my older sister and her older daughter were both connected to one of the same head leaders of the Blood Gang as my ex-spouse, so all this crazy stuff happening with me appears to be all part of a major illegal collaboration against me (RICO Act Violations). Right before my identity got stolen, my sister asked me for my social security number. Then shortly after that, my sisters relative who works for the Deaprtment of Veterans affairs called me but didn’t respond when I called her back. This relative of my sister who works for the VA is also connected to this Mob/Cartel family. Later on, I caught the Department of affairs laundering money under my name and illegally tampering and switching my vital records. Another reason why I feel my older sibling is connected to everything that’s happening to me is because last year she got mad and called another relative’s boyfriend and told him some really bad things about our family member. So, if she would do all that to that person over a petty disagreement, you can only just imagine what she would do to me seeing that she’s hated me from childhood….for no apparent reason.


Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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