The Federal Courts must be informed that the crimes against me are similar to the Holocaust—

(1) I’m being persecuted based on political, racial, and or religious grounds, which is not only discrimination, and a violation of my constitutional rights, but it’s also considered a crime against humanity. The Government and major corporations are tracking me, and studying my every move. They are forcing me to share my research, knowledge, trade secrets, the books I read, what I order through the mail, what I do on social media sites, my intimate conversations are recorded, and even the contents of my personal diary—it’s all being illegally shared without my consent amongst my ole community, and various influencers seeking creative insights, new ideas, and content, within elite and occultic groups. All this private information from me is worth millions—if not billions of dollars—and it’s being distributed, commercialized, and sold by corporations such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. Some may ask why do I believe it’s worth so much? Well besides me being illegally studied, recorded, and viewed naked, there’s been an element of trauma, abuse, torment, and torture, which sells as Trauma porn on the Black Web. I suspect that’s it’s also being used for those with a fetish and obsession to watch people, which is voyerusism. Besides this, one of my enemies who works for the department of veteran affairs named Kimberley Lightfoot, highly stressed my 4.0GPA during ourI believe my relatives are involved and sold me out (human trafficking) to the government to use me for various means, which includes making a profit. Before I cut ties with my mother and sister, they both claimed that I was sort of a genius in a certain area and that maybe if I stopped doing so much research they would stop coming after me. Dozens of organizations refuse to give me honest services or patronize me without cause. Multiple organizations have mistreated me, acted unfairly towards me, falsified my vital records, and denied me equal access to protection and the laws. The discrimination has been ongoing for several years now amongst numerous government agencies.

(2) The Government Enslaved & Oppressed me through bondage and servitude. The Cambridge Dictionary describes enslavement at least (3) parts. The last two portions apply to my situation. The second and third portions of the definition of enslavement states that it is the act of controlling someone’s actions, thoughts, emotions, or life completely. This sections make reference to being enslaved by a foreign company or entity and mental enslavement. The third section of the definition states that enslavement is the process of forcing someone to remain in a bad situation against their will. One of the examples from Roosevelt said that Wilson’s doctrine meant the enslavement of the people by the great corporations….to be continued

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