Tracing the dots back to the government—

How do you the know the government is involved they ask? How can you prove it? We’ve been throwing stones and hiding our hands, so how can you catch us? We’ve out-numbered you, turned everyone against you, so you’re alone, and over-powered…They say, without a face, you have no case…at least so they thought. In order to prove their innocence, a relative of mines allowed me to to examine their personal accounts. What I found was a crucial piece of evidence. I found a link to a government official that works for the department of treasury in Maryland. After discovering this, the same relative was caught with another individual with government tags, parked beside their car, in the back of their place of work—near the dumpsters. Only employees or visiting spouses or family members park in those slots. I rode to the front of the building and observed dozens of vacant spots in the front of the building which made the government official parked exactly beside this relative even more of a red flag. The next piece to the puzzle linking government officials to this case is my sister, who has been a known enemy for many years, even as a child. Right before I discovered my identity was stolen by Wake Forest Baptist Hospital physicians…one of the Scales, who is also my sister’s aunt or cousin, called me out of the blue. This person works for the department of veteran of affairs. When I called this person back, she refused to answer. Despite multiple calls, she never responded back to me. So now, we have a link to over three government officials…to be continued

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