Most of my neighbors are FBI agents and police officers who follow and stalk people: They’re simply adult bullies

I grew up in a community as a kid where it was always one family that never played fair. Anytime their was a one on one fight—this family unit would send like 20 other family members to gang up on and beat down just one single person. These same families are now a part of the mob, gangs, and various cartels. This is what the government does with its funding. It pays public officials to follow, harass, and bully other people who are considered a threat, or just people the Government don’t like. Specific individuals are targeted usually because they’re intelligent and can see through the phoniness and lies of the people abusing their power. Three of my neighbors tried to surround and entrap me the other day, thinking I didn’t realize what they were up too… A group of real psychopaths teaming up against one person, huh…a person who doesn’t even know them? Like it’s actually quite sickening if you think about it….it’s very primitive and uncivilized. The criminals always attempt to label me as crazy…and tell people I don’t know what I’m taking about, when I carried a 4.0GPA, most of my time in college…I wish these people would stop f@cking playing with me. I hope they crash into a ditch and their cars catch on fire for even trying me this way.

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