Forced labor & servitude:covert form of human trafficking


Have you ever heard of “Think Tanks?” The American Heritage Dictionary describes a think tank as a group or institution organized for intensive research and solving of problems, especially in the areas of technology, social, or political strategy, or armament. Now that you know what a think tank is, you can better understand how the public officials involved in keeping me under illegal surveillance actually, were extracting forced labor out of me, thus making me an indentured servant, against my will–without paying me for my knowledge, creative ideas, personal life stories, and trade secrets. Forced Labor and Servitude is classified as Human Trafficking, which is also another form of Slavery, and a federal offense! The United States of America was built off of slavery, oppression, and theft of other people’s resources, so it shouldn’t be hard to fathom that the Government is still in the business of oppression, injustice, and stealing from other people! Me researching every day and coming up with new ideas and fresh insights on a regular basis, is what highly intelligent people get paid thousands, if not millions of dollars to do. The Government forced me to give them my research, ideas, private life stories, and trade secrets because they strong armed me. They hacked me, and stole my information, then distributed it, commercialized it, and sold it, for trade purposes, which is against the law. I’m sure they claimed I was terrorist, or some case-study in order to be able to do it, but without a legitimate reason, and without my consent, the government has broken federal laws! These individuals need to lose their positions! They should be exposed, judged, prosecuted, and given a prison sentence for their crimes just like everyone else, because they are not above the law. They don’t even abide by the law, so they shouldn’t get to enforce the very laws they refuse to follow! Like I said before and I’ll say it again, these people are psychopaths, sociopaths, and just straight up savages. They have dozens of people being trained off of the information that they’re stealing from me on a regular basis. Too much imitation is not flattery, it’s a damn mental disorder for people who don’t know how to be themselves, so they go steal the personality of someone else. Due to the fact that we’re living in the age of information, people are constantly looking for new sources of knowledge and creative ideas, so instead of the government, paying people for their expertise, they have decided to just steal it.

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