It’s all about control

If you have real spiritual gifts, enhanced intuition, or prophetic abilities, and I’m not talking about the fake Google-YouTube-readers who follow a script from the information that Google and Microsoft steal from millions of people—because hell, if they stealing from me and I don’t have much, just living paycheck to paycheck— like the multitudes of other citizens throughout the world…then I’m sure they steal from anyone who’s not in the elite…but back to what I was saying…If the Government can’t influence or control you and your gifts, they will hide you, censor you, oppress you, torture you, and eventually try to kill you because you are considered a threat that can expose them and the criminals they do business with. They will intentionally orchestrate chaos, adversity, and isolation, coupled with the strategic infliction of pain and abuse, all done to weaken the will, break down the target, and gain the upper hand, so the subject will submit to the people who perceive themselves as the higher authority, the superior, just like during slavery—the so called “master.” They don’t want me to be seen because of my ability to influence those who haven’t been bribed or paid off yet. They don’t have enough money to pay off the whole entire world to hate me…maybe half but not all…(laugh out loud)

In America, everyone is born and raised to think like a dead man—

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