When the Government and big Corporations decide to seize, and control the creativity and intellectual rights of others, no one is safe!

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Who gave the government permission to work with Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to illegal monitor, view, and steal the private ideas and content of people’s lives and then turn around and commercialize it for trade purposes? Who gave the Government the right to hack individuals webcams, microphones, view people naked, and record their conservations to study them and train other people to be like them? Who gave the Government the right to degrade, ostracize, cheapen, and dishonor other people just because of a title?! Some public officials are even listing ordinary citizens as terrorists in order to spy on them, monitor their daily habits, steal trade secrets, creative ideas, and research from them! This is espionage and treason! To steal another man’s identity, personality, and opportunities in life, while hiding, oppressing, and blacklisting him is low, sadistic, animalistic, cruel, inhumane, and should be punishable by death! They don’t have the right! They are mere humans! They bleed the same blood as us, and many are not even as intelligent! They just knew the right people and had “Klout,”(California based research company who is connected to many of the suspects in my investigation, and listed as being unethical in several articles, due to giving criminals and false people—high reputations and flavors in exchange for certain things). In all actuality, many of today’s leaders are nothing but bafoons- educating themselves off the stolen intellect of others, masquerading as something they’re not! Just like during slavery, many of the so called “master’s”children were raised and suckled off the breast of a black woman! The Divine Feminine! I will say this as many times as I need to—the Government is not God! They are not superior to other humans beings just because they’re more savage and reptilian (cold-blooded) in nature! In fact, their behavior makes them subpar, less than, and lower than other human beings who do embody integrity, morals, values, honor, compassion and respect! These individuals are savages, still behaving like primates, who are not civilized, and don’t engage in the proper ethics of war and battle! In fact, they are cowards who shoot their enemies in the back, while they’re not looking because they don’t have the courage or honor to shoot while looking their opponents in the face! They throw stones and hide their hands, like narcissistic children who don’t take accountability for their actions! They are swore losers who don’t t play fair! They have to rig the game so that other people don’t have the chance to win! They do things in the dark while others aren’t looking, but pretend to be upstanding citizens in the presence of others! These type of individuals should not run any offices! They shouldn’t be in any offices! And they damn sure don’t need access to military resources and power to abuse others! They need to be stripped just like they stripped others! They need to be reprimanded, exposed, put to shame and locked up! They don’t have the right to oppress others, or decide what opportunities are available to them! They don’t have the right to use the judicial system as a weapon against innocent people who they are jealous of or just don’t like! The Government can’t decide which businesses are allowed to patronize folks or not! This behavior must be stopped! The lives of millions of citizens are in danger! These malicious political tactics must cease! No man or women should manipulate military power to oppress, control, dominate, and terrorize the lives of innocent people! These people are tyrants and not leaders! They are peasants with money who lied and tricked their way into power! By: Precious McNeil (All rights reserved)

Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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