Great movie idea or plot—

Check this out…what if—the virus gets worse right, spreading throughout the whole entire world so severely, that even the rich people begin getting sick at alarming rates, dying even faster than the rest of the population. For those who don’t die by the virus, they begin to be raped, tortured, and murdered by humans taken over by evil spirits—due to their corruption. Even their children begin suffering, many being kidnapped to use for organs and child pornography, while others are shot down brutally inside their classrooms. The hand of fate being called down to allow the elite to experience the very same cruelty they dealt out to others. Other people begin going crazy, looting, setting fires, and destroying everything in their midst. Then, all of a sudden, they realize there’s only one person on earth, that unbeknownst to them had a hidden supernatural power as a healer. This healer’s powers were so great that the person could save the elite and the rest of the world—but plot twist…it turns out, the one person with these special gifts, who had been hidden, but without cause—was persecuted, ostracized, tormented, and ultimately sacrificed for years, by the very same elite group of people who were dying at such a high rate. The whole world is now in panic, feeling overwhelmed, and dumbfounded, because they finally realize—while looking death in the face, that their fate was in very same hands of the person they tried to crucify and kill. Wouldn’t that be something? A person who was made to suffer for almost 40 years, by all the people around him or her, had to decide whether they would just let the people die who caused them so much pain, for absolutely no reason other than pure wickedness? If you were the person with the supernatural healing gifts…would you let your persecutors die a agonizing-painful death due to all the cruelty you suffered by their hand? Or would you have mercy and save the very same people who tried to kill you and you knew without a doubt those people wanted you dead? Hmmm…interesting story line huh? What would you do? Save them or let them die? By Precious McNeil ( All rights reserved).

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