Discrimination and Retaliation from the Government

If I don’t take down this corrupt, underground, organized, criminal-network, within the Government, they will soon begin lynching minority members on trees again. These organization is completely foreign to me. I’ve never had any real conflict with these people. I asked these people for assistance with two cases, one was for probate records, wills, inheritances, etc, and the other was for help with constitutional violations from the Government and dozens of other organizations under the RICO Act. The attorneys they referred me to refused to accept money to help me without a cause because they don’t know me. The attorneys would always say they would call me back and never would. What was the difference between my money and other people’s money? Or was it the color of my skin? My religion? My beliefs? I’ll tell you what I believe happened. They accepted a bribe to turn against, to isolate me, and try to stop me from receiving legal advice, to go against corrupt government officials. They also attempted to mock me by using the similar words or terms I used while presenting my case to multiple government agencies—I usually start off with, ”based on the information or evidence I have.” Then saying if you have any questions is a joke because when I called they refused to answer any questions. They told me they didn’t have to tell me anything and that I couldn’t have an appeal or review, and that I would never be allowed to have a membership with them again on a permanent basis. If this not some strong discrimination, retaliation, and bribery that has been put in play, then I don’t know what is. All I can say is Ill see you in court.

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