1964 Civil Rights Act: Protection from Racism, Persecution, Oppression & Organized Crime!✊🏽 

Rough Draft—

Many don’t realize the fight for freedom is here! I have nothing to lose! Corrupt Government Officials have been attempting to block and restrict my ability to grow, have opportunities, and evolve in life, which is like death, so I’m ready to fight til the bitter end! Death Before Dishonor! The same oppression, racism, prejudices, intolerance, hate, exploitation, cruelty, and discrimination during days of Martin Luther King Jr. are back! Dozens of businesses with strangers whom Ive never met or had any conflict with, have began denying me services and blocking commerce for me, and some of the businesses that will serve me are attempting to extort me by quadrupling the prices! A $200 to $300 dollar drywall job has turned into $3000 to $5000, just to patch a few holes with puddy! The government, FBI, DOJ, OCR, the police departments involved are attempting to turn a blind to corruption. They know I’ve been under illegal surveillance for over four years now… I suspect multiple organizations have formed an illegal underground criminal network, and have repeatedly violated the 4th and 14th Amendments, the RICO Act, 18 USC ÂŁ666, and are committing crimes against humanity!

Department of Veteran Affairs: 4th and 14th Amendment Violations, unequal access and protection of law, Discrimination, Racism, Retaliation, Hippa Violations, Privacy Violations, Arbitrary Abuse of Discretion, Falsified Documents, Healthcare Fraud, and misappropriation of Government Funding—have been continuously refusing me access to my civilian medical and payment records after signing a Freedom of Information Form, to hide healthcare, insurance fraud, and misappropriation of funding. VA also falsified my private records by changing, adding, and removing my last spouse. They tried to alter the records by adding the previous spouse to the records, who hadn’t been there in over 10 years. VA also harassed me through Iris claiming I wasn’t a veteran in their system and that I needed to go else where for assistance?! In the past, when I asked for copies of my records, VA employees wrote hateful comments on the back of the records in black ink! VA representative Tina Dooley states the VA claims manager who processed the fraudulent claims at the time was Nathan Smith. VA took benefits away from my children despite them being re-verified at least 5 times between 2018 and 2021. This was done out of retaliation. They also placed my appeal in a deadlock, where my representative refused to represent me and the appeal board wouldn’t try the case without my representative. I was blocked from removing the representative from my case. When they finally decided the case, they sent the mail to an old address intentionally. By the time I found out, the appeal date had expired. Before this, Kimberly Light, who I placed a complaint for racism about was allowed to decide my case, knowing there was a clear conflict of interest. Kimberly Lightfoot exhibited racist and oppressive behavior by picking a fight with me over a voc rehab supply computer. The computer I picked had certain functions crucial to my needs and was several hundreds of dollars cheaper than the device she thought I should have. This resulted in her behaving cold and indifferent based on a power struggle, all to prove a point that she was in control but in reality, I was saving the company money by picking the least expensive item? This is what abuse of power, control, domination, abuse of discretion, and racism looks like in street-level-government bureaucracy (Lipsky).

Wake Forest Baptist Health Care Physicians: White Collar Fraud, HealthCare Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Malicious Mischief, Conspiracy, Bribery, Identity fraud, Misappropriation of Government Funding, Falsified Documents, tampering with evidence, spoliation of evidence and Hippa and Privacy Violations —created multiple fraudulent records in my name, stole my identity, maliciously ruined credit with fraudulent records during closing on a new home, when two forms of insurance was on file. They violated my privacy with access to my information, tampered with evidence, altered evidence, and deleted evidence by changing the name and address of Wake Forest from One Medical Center Blvd to Green Valley, when my doctors claimed they never knew or worked with these doctors. They misappropriated government funding, broke multiple federal laws, tried to hide and discard the evidence and broke a fiduciary duty of trust as medical doctors! They respondents include: Doctors—Kristen Helane Guinn, Mark G. Newman, Paul Wayne Whitecar, and Martha Decker.

Medicaid: Discrimination, Conspiracy, Bribery, Hippa and Privacy Violations—Also refused me access to medical and payment records after signing a release form—its been over a year and they still haven’t released the files, unequal access and protection of law

Allegacy Federal Credit Union—Discrimination, White Collar Fraud, Falsified documents, Conspiracy, Denial of Honest Services, and Bribery—illegally created a fraudulent death policy on me, repeatedly allowed my account to be hacked and never investigated, they also tried to discriminate by giving me a fake credit rating saying it was much lower than it actually was to deny me credit, unequal access and protection of law

FBI—Discrimination, Racism, Classism, 4th and 14th Amendment Violations, unlawful conduct, making false statements, arbitrary abuse of discretion, unequal access and protection of law—during one conversation, they told me they didn’t handle white collar fraud, or computer fraud, and didn’t know who could help, others kept cutting me off and hanging up in my face before I could finish my sentence. They refused to help me even when things got serious like individuals attempting to run me off the road. They refused to help me, even when my elementary child became a target.

Department of Justice: 4th and 14th Amendment Violations, Discrimination, Arbitrary Abuse of Discretion, unequal access and protection of law

North Carolina Medical Board—4th and 14th Amendment violations, discrimination, arbitrary abuse of discretion, unequal access and protection of law—refused to investigate a clear case of healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, and unprofessional conduct from Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Physicians.

United States Postal Office—4th and 14th amendment violations, mail tampering and fraud, malicious mischief, discrimination, unlawful conduct, arbitrary abuse of discretion, unequal access and protection of law—refused to investigate my mail being damaged! Someone attempted to set one of my products on fire! other mail was also opened, tampered with, vandalized, and ransacked. My mail has been held and obstructed on multiple occasions. US postal office attempted to force me pick up my mail without a reason as to why.

Child Support Enforcement—fraud, discrimination, unlawful conduct, bribery, conspiracy, unequal access and protection of law—tried to erase $30,000 thousand dollars in arrears payments. Committed fraud by attempting to take arrears payment from regular payment vs. the court ordered amount, thus ensuring I would always receive less than the court ordered judgement. Denied me access to enforcement services such as tax interception, stimulus, and other means. Locked me out of my account, erased all my information, and deleted me from the system. They also kept rejecting my paperwork with maliciously claiming it was unreadable, not knowing I had video recorded the upload showing it was clear and had taken photos, so in order to remove the evidence, they locked me out and deactivated my services.

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Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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