I believe my mother, brother, and sisters, all knew I was being tortured, recorded, exploited, and experimented on—

Their lust to ruin me, to degrade and dehumanize me, to see me suffer, to have access to all my personal information, to see the contents of my personal life sold to the highest bidder, to see dozens of people gang up against one woman and her children, while making a profit off of all the stolen content was too great for them to let go. They felt like I could never win a battle against public officials—the government, and major corporations like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, being involved…the odds were against me, they figure how could I win? The plan was to run a smear campaign behind my back, turn everyone against me, and make me look crazy, in order to hide or cover up their malicious indiscretions against me. They actually made a profit off my intellect and IQ. I don’t have the regular smarts that other people have. My smarts are based off creativity, and being able to read in-between the lines, to figure things out, especially when it comes to under-covering corruption. I usually can tell when an error is made by accident vs. whether it was done with ill intent.

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