Being Targeted: Facebook Discrimination

Facebook already has a copy of my license, but they still kept locking me out my account. They won’t allow me the option to verify myself through email and or phone via text message. I’m tired of giving these people access to private and confidential information for them to use or sale anytime they want. I have to keep creating new accounts because they keep locking me out the previous ones. It’s like I have to hide my identity in order to not be targeted by these people. Part of the reason Facebook keeps shutting down my social media accounts is to keep me isolated and alone. They want to make me a leper. This last time I was locked out of my account, happened directly after two people sent me a message. I don’t have the same verification options as the majority of people. Those rights were stripped from me—they claimed because I tried to use facebook from a different device still on the same network. I uploaded, a marriage certificate, because they claimed that was an acceptable item. They refused to take it, so then I uploaded a medical record, with my name and date of birth and haven’t heard back yet. When I tried to complete the identity verification again, they blocked the option to upload ID, until after they attempted to force me to give them video footage of my face, turning from side to side, which would give them access to a hologram version of me. I highly suspect they want to use my identity for their new virtual reality without my consent. Someone has already stolen my identity, while Google and Youtube are making a profit off my personality, ideas, and life stories…what’s next? Does Facebook want to help these entities and organizations steal my soul too?

That link looks suspicious to me?

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