They don’t always see them coming down my eyes, so I have to let my words cry—

This group of people have not only attempted to strip me of multiple human rights, but they have also objectified me by illegally stealing intimate and private contents of my personal life through illegal surveillance, that has turned into voyeurism and obsession. It first began with the spyware called the, “Power of Adversity.” This spyware recorded my every move down to the key stoke with key loggers. The app even had a mirroring component where they could see everything on my phone screen. The spyware also had a gps tracker to record all of my locations. Once I removed that spyware and obtained malware protection, they began hacking my network and using Google, Microsoft, and Apple to get pass my security functions in order to hack my webcams, microphones, and even my photos. My right to privacy has been taken away from me throughout the last four years or more of my life. The most unsettling part about this whole situation is that the individuals illegally monitoring me have been distributing the personal details of my life to Google Youtubers to capitalize off my life and ultimately my identity. The is by far the most disrespectful form of identity theft that I’ve ever witnessed.

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