Some days I wonder if it’s all a joke and if someone will run out with a camera saying surprise!

So, if it’s not a joke and what’s happening is real…should I be flattered that a group of people wait on me to say something and then immediately afterwards go speak about it on YouTube? Or the fact that every phone or computer I buy, they find a way to hack the camera and the microphone to record the contents of my personal life in order to commercialize it and make a profit…I’m wondering how should I feel about this? Why is this happening? What or who am I? Am I like the golden stag that people want to hunt, kill and consume, in order to usurp its DNA and power? How would you feel? Would you feel powerless? Would you feel Big Brother—the government, google, microsoft, and apple, etc., are abusing their power and influence to subjugate, and oppress people while making money off them? Sort of reminds me of a form of covert—modern day slavery and human trafficking…making a profit off the dehumanization and sufferings of others…Sadism also comes to mind…

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