My gut was telling me that some of my followers are actually my persecutors who want to hurt me—

Could I be wrong? Yeah maybe, but I don’t think so. Believe me when I tell you that your enemies are usually a lot closer to you than your friends. In fact, many people’s friends are actually their enemies, they just don’t know it yet. People pretend well. It’s actually rare to have more than one or two real friends where I come from. Nothing would make me more happier than to have a supportive circle of friends who really loved me. A close knit group of people who weren’t coming around just to set me up, or take something from me. I learned the hard way that people will pretend to love you or be your friend just to harm you in the end. Some human traffickers actually get married and create whole families sometimes in order to steal from the person, use their identity, or groom them, and break them, just to sell them, or sacrifice them later on down the line. I trust my gut instincts now. It’s a primal thing that can alert you when you’re in the presence of a predator—hunting it’s prey. The people who have been hacking me for the past four years track me and stalk me through my devices. I believe they like to watch me to see if I’m suffering, feeling down, or depressed. Some may even watch the news to see if I’ve killed myself, been murdered, or died from a heart attack or stroke from all the stress. These people also steal all my content and pass it out to others to use and take credit for my work while I’m being censored and repressed. As long as they continue to oppress and censor me, it allows others to use my identity or should I say my personality (appropriation of likeness is the federal law for this crime) to pass off my intellect as their own…The other situation is related to human trafficking, aka modern day slavery. You don’t have to be kidnapped and taken away to be a victim of human trafficking. Being under illegal surveillance—hidden cameras ( Voyeurism), hacking into your webcams, and microphones at will—stealing all your photos, files, trade secrets (espionage), illegally studying and tormenting a person under the guise of research, (crimes against humanity) or capitalizing off another’s person’s intellect (piracy), or suffering (trauma porn), without their consent is a form of trafficking, similar to being sold on the dark web—it’s all a form of slavery, exploitation, and crimes against humanity.

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