A photo of my mother laughing and joking with my one of my known enemies—

I told my mother, brother and sisters that I believe this man may have had access to my hacked information, and then used it to joke about on Facebook…like when my mail was switched, or my identity was stolen at the hospital…he frequently posted subliminals about the same content of my life right as it was happening, many times on the same exact day. I haven’t spoken to my mother in close to two years now. When I was able to finally get into one of my locked Facebook pages, my mother seemed to want to rub it in my face her contempt for me by supporting my enemies in my face. Based on the evidence so far, Facebook is one of the organizations who decided to team up against me. Facebook locks me out of my accounts constantly–anytime people begin liking and supporting my content, they lock down the account and attempt to force me to present multiple forms of private information just to utilize their platform. It’s almost like game for the hidden person on the side of the screen–working at Facebook. They seem to want to torment me and hide me so that others can continue to profit off my ideas and life stories for their own personal gain. The term sadistic comes to mind…but moving on, my mother speaks to my known enemies almost everyday. After my mother told me that her mother–Thelma, (the woman who raised her), left me some money–or some type of insurance policy when I was born, but claimed the policy didn’t have enough time to mature…we stopped speaking shortly after that. There was already tension over a shady game the government was playing, but I won’t go into that right now…the point is…during the middle of a crisis moment in my life, my mother, brother, sisters, cousins, grandmother, aunts, and everyone began acting cold and indifferent towards me for no reason at all…at least it was nothing on my part that could have caused an entire family and community to behave that way towards me unless….someone intentionally orchestrated a smear campaign behind my back and no one decided to tell me? I don’t know…I have other theories about the situation that may involve the spyware–the power of adversity, found on my phone. Many of my relatives stopped communicating once I told them about the sophisticated spyware on my device…

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