There’s nothing new under the Sun

As the saying goes, ”History tends to repeat itself.”

Some people find it hard to believe that a group of my enemies have been hunting and stalking me for years. If they were wise, then they would know that people are capable of some of the cruelest acts, especially when it boils down to jealousy and envy. Those familiar with biblical scripture may be able to recall the story of Saul and David. I’m not a christian, but still understand the value of teachings within all religions. In the bible, there’s a story about the hatred that one man had for another. They say Saul chased David all throughout Israel trying to kill him. Obviously he was David’s enemy; constantly getting in the way of his destiny—of what God intended for David to do. They say, despite all that Saul put King David through, he never returned hatred with hatred. Even though, Saul tried to murder this man, when David had the chance to off Saul, he wouldn’t do it.

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