Society is full of morally sick people; the earth will eventually purge itself

Pretending to be another person; trying to steal their identity physically and spiritually is more than a form of mental illness—its psychopathy. People who behave like this may be capable of anything. It’s one thing to be a actor, reading a script for a film, but it’s a whole different ball game once you have people thinking you’re one way when you’re really another behind closed doors. Sometimes I still get upset when I see individuals behaving like this, but then I remind myself that I should actually have pity on souls who are so poor morally, that they would rather be somebody else than to just be themselves. In a way, you would have to hate yourself to spend hours out of your day trying to copy and mimic another person’s personality…trying to commercialize another human being’s personal traits and characteristics. I first noticed this behavior from someone who was once my best friend. Later, I began to notice the same behavior from relatives around me. The movie, “Single White Female” comes to mind. I’ve had so many love/hate relationships, where people wanted to either hurt me, humiliate me, or even kill me once it’s over. Like, what is it about me that I’m not allowed to walk away from relationships in peace? Why do people have the urge to control, dominate, and subjugate me? Why is there always an element of obsession. I become obsessed with finding out the truth, and they become obsessed with lying and hiding the truth. Having to repeatedly come up with different lies to cover up the first set of lies. I always think to myself…isn’t that just exhausting? Having to live a life full of lies…based on fiction instead of facts? A life built on betrayal instead of loyalty, honesty, love, respect and compassion? It’s enough to drive a person insane.

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