If truth be told, I’m not 100 percent sure if my marriage was a set up? An investigation is needed—

I’m questioning my last marriage due to the connection between my spouse and my sister’s relatives. I told my last spouse to his face that I questioned the marriage and his true intentions towards me period. Whatever I say behind your back, I’ll say it to your face and people hate me for my bluntness, but I don’t care. I’m wondering if the whole relationship began in order to get close to me to steal my identity in order to obtain some type of hidden assets unbeknownst to me.Any person close to my sister, I automatically question their character and behavior because I know who my sister is behind the mask. My eldest sister has treated me like an enemy since I was a child. The mistreatment from my sibling started around the 4th grade, while I was at Sherwood Forest Elementary School, in Mrs. Hurl’s class. Then again, it could have started in 3rd grade in Mrs. Duncan’s class. I only remember Mrs. Duncan because of her flamboyant wigs that she picked with a fork…but moving along. After a series of betrayals, I discovered that my sister’s relatives—the Boston’s, and the Scales were related to my husband through his father’s side. When I mentioned it, he claimed he didn’t believe he was related to my sister’s relatives but research revealed that his father’s relatives were the same exact relatives of my sister Stephanie—my nemesis. After realizing this, I later discovered that my sister Stephanie had been in contact or communication with my spouse over ten years prior, while we were still dating, and before the marriage…to be continued

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