When she rode pass me and my toddler on the bus stop in the rain while I was homeless, that should have been the first clue that she wasn’t really my mother—

I’m starting to remember…somewhere down the line I had unintentionally blocked many things out. Maybe they were too painful to recall, I’m not sure, but whatever the case was or is, I know something is not right about this situation. Research has revealed many of these individuals have multiple identities, so there’s no telling who they really are. Digging deep into my ancestry revealed connections to a man named Ed Drawham also known as Drawhorn, who later became related to the Browns. Ed was using identity fraud as early as year 1908, and only escaped authorities by using the false identity of Ed Pronto. I don’t believe Ed Drawham is really related to the McNeils. I suspect a underground criminal network, cartel, or mob is connected to this whole situation and it involves identity fraud! I also believe most of my old community in Winston-Salem, NC is in on it as well. Hell most of the city may be filled with traffickers, con-artists, and thieves. I have deceased relatives coming up in vital records as have multiple names and multiple sets of parents and the authorities know so they probably in on it too! Sounds like a RICO Act if you ask me. Corrupt officials have been helping my relatives to cover this up through trying to silence me, attack me, oppress me, blacklist me, and a number of other heinous acts, to keep dozens of people from going to prison.

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