I’m asking the courts for a blood test because I’m starting to doubt that a real family could behave this way—there’s no McNeils showing up as my grandparents, so somebody might be lying! These people are a bunch of criminals and I want answers!

My mother wasn’t even raised by her real mother and the entire family tried to hide my ancestry for almost 40 years. My mother Margaret didn’t obtain a birth certificate until four years later, the same year that Daniel Byrd and ten children were killed in the 1959, Cross Hill, South Carolina, fire. This is also the same time period that Daniel McNeil, my mother’s “so called” father was murdered and set on fire as well! Instead of the McNeils showing up as my grandparents, the Byrds are showing up instead! If the government, military, and police had something to do with these murders, especially if someone had to go under witness protection and receive a new identity, or if false identities were created or switched, this could be the reason why the government and people in power, are hunting and oppressing me—like a real live witch hunt! Neither my mother’s side, nor my father’s side was ever there. No one seemed like they cared. When I reached out to some of my so called father’s relatives, especially the Flemings, those people ignored me and treated me like the plaque. Why would someone treat their innocent relative like that unless they knew it wasn’t their relative and something else was going on? Ultimately, I don’t believe Margaret and Vincent are my parents, I could be wrong, so the only way to know for sure is to test them because something’s not right with this situation. All the criminals, pedophiles and drug addicts in my family get treated with more love and respect than me. My sister tried to stab my mother and has always disrespected her, but still gets treated better. What if this woman is not even my mother and that’s the reason she dogged me out all these years? That would be crazy! Besides this, one of sister’s gay homegirls named Lavette W. posted one day that somebody’s whole life was a lie, so—hell, I’m wondering if she was referring to me because nothing in my life seems to be adding up. After the DNA test, I started asking more questions and my mother and several other relatives began acting like they couldn’t remember the names of their own parents? Come on now? Do I have the word dummy written on my forehead? I think not. These people are hiding something and I intend to find out what it is. They better kill me because if they don’t, I refuse to let this go. I have a right to know who the hell I am!!! Another thing I’m worried about is if these jokers tried to keep me in hell, chaos, and controversy, intentionally—just so I would never figure out the truth about my ancestry and my crooked ass relatives?

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