Family was in on it—

Just shameful, every single one of them. The amount of pain, stress, and betrayal I endured from family, lovers, and friends, almost took me out. I had to fight my way through all the conflict, and still fighting til this day. These people so crazy and obsessed over my energy, they refuse to let me go. They were riding pass my house, hacking my accounts, placing fraudulent things on my credit, had people rigging my cases, and these fools even found a way to block my child support at one time. They tried to erase almost 30 grand in arrears without a court order, and then locked me out my child support account and then deactivated it, so my social security number couldn’t be found. When I say these hateful, and jealous people took me through pure hell for no reason—you can take these words to the bank. I was in the underworld dealing with these folks. If I didn’t believe that evil existed before, I believe it now. They wanted to hurt me so bad, they were willing to harm my children in the process. They would do spiteful things just to get under my skin. For example, my mom posted a baby picture of her friend holding me. Instead of mentioning the fact that the baby was her daughter, she only mentioned her friend. Sometimes, I question whether this woman is really my mother? My relatives turned out to be so hateful, I’m starting to believe I was adopted or kidnapped. They even created false cps reports and sent the police for a wellness check to my home after cursing me out and betraying me…like why would I want to talk to you after all you just put me through, knowing your display of emotions are completely fake. They still hacking and trying to watch my every move. Its a truly an oppressive way to live and I will have justice.

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